Top 5 Portable ACs Under $100 Based On Quality, Customer Reviews and Price

Looking to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank?

Portable Air Coolers have exploded in popularity this year, so we decided to buy 2023’s best selling Portable ACs and see how well they perform in our tests.

Our testing revealed that paying for expensive big brand ACs can often be a waste of money. To our surprise, our test winner was actually from a smaller company that managed to beat the big brands in both effectiveness, ease of use, design, battery life and pricing.

Here’s our Top 5 Picks this year, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page:

Our Score
Key Features
#1 BEST IN 2023
Price: $89.99 $179.98




Price: $99.99




Price: $99.99




Price: $79.99




Price: $43.34


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Price: $89.99 $179.98


In our test, the ChillWell would cool any personal space in less than a minute.


In our test, the ChillWell would cool any personal space in less than a minute.


In our test, the ChillWell would cool any personal space in less than a minute.

We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Portable ACs, Here’s Why ChillWell 2.0 is #1

SUMMARY: In testing we found that ChillWell 2.0 will super effectively cool your personal space in less than 5 minutes. It’s fully portable, light weight and saves you hundreds of dollars by opting for this instead of your regular AC. They are currently offering 55% off first orders on their website here.
For the past few years, 3 large corporations have basically had a monopoly on the AC industry. This has resulted in massively increased prices ripping customers off. The big companies could set whatever prices they wanted to as there was no competition. Until now. A small startup with almost no funding is disrupting this $135b industry very quickly. The startup called ChillWell 2.0 has figured out a new way of cooling the air quickly at a fraction of the cost. And it’s so simple it can be built into a tiny, portable device. Weather services are forecasting an extremely hot summer in 2023, so the ChillWell couldn’t have arrived at a better time. In fact, the sale of their new AC is going like crazy already and the summer hasn’t even started yet.

Exactly what is a Portable AC?

The ChillWell 2.0 is a simple, yet very clever device. In short it’s a fully portable, light weight air cooler that can cool down any space in 5 minutes. All you need to do is plug the cable, and pour some water in the tank. That’s it. The best part about it is that thanks to their new technology, it only uses a fraction of the power compared to a traditional AC, or even a regular fan. This results in massive savings on your electricity bill during those hot summer months. The goal of the founders of ChillWell 2.0 was to make an affordable, effective way to stay cool without wasting money. After using it for a few weeks now – I can safely say they succeeded. So, what can ChillWell 2.0 actually do? Everything your regular AC can do — And more. Compared to a traditional AC – it’s cheaper and easy to carry over to the space you need it most But what makes the ChillWell 2.0 a real game changer is it’s compact design and long battery life. Sure, regular AC units are great but they only cover the room they are installed in. With the ChillWell 2.0 AC, you can bring it wherever you go — even to the office or on a vacation trip. No installation or maintenance costs, all you need is some tap water and the electrical outlet. This is the next generation of Air Cooler units.

How Does It Work?

ChillWell 2.0 uses the latest Rapid Cooling System that uses water to micro-freeze the air flow into it, then pumps out perfect cold air on the other side. It’s super easy to set up. Just fill the 550ml (1 1/2 normal drinking glass) water tank and press the power button. It’s very small compared to other portable ACs. This makes it very easy to carry around with you. The ChillWell 2.0 system uses the water in the tank very efficiently, with 1 full tank lasting you the whole day. The fan is very strong and doesn’t make any noise at all. All other Portable ACs we’ve tested make a lot of noise, making it annoying to have on while you sleep. The ChillWell 2.0 has 4 modes:
  1. Low Mode – It’s like a desktop fan, but cold
  2. Medium Mode – This is great for smaller rooms that get hot
  3. High Mode – If you need to cool down any size room super fast
  4. Turbo Mode – In case you need a REALLY quick cooling, much faster compared to Freeze Mode
In our testing, we drastically decreased the temperature of our space within a matter of minutes. But the ChillWell 2.0 does a lot more than just making the air cool. If you live in a dry, dusty place you will love this! The best part about it is how silent it is. You can barely hear the fan, even on the max setting. This was the main feature that made us rank this #1 in our testing.

What Exactly Can The ChillWell 2.0 Do?

More than one might think!


and that’s not it!

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Does ChillWell 2.0 require any installation?

No. All you need to do is unpack it, fill up the water tank and press the power button!

Q: Do I need to buy batteries for it?

No, just like your other appliances - ChillWell needs an electrical outlet to plug a cable that comes in the box.

Q: Can I use it while sleeping?

Yes. It’s very quiet so it will not disturb you and ChillWell hasn’t had a single recorded accident yet. It is very safe

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, AC units go for between $250-1000+, so one would expect the ChillWell 2.0 to be in this price range too… But actually, the ChillWell 2.0 sells for only $178.00, since the founders of the company are doing everything to keep prices low. In fact, they are even running a 55% sale on their website right now, bringing the price down to just $89.99! Click here to claim a discounted ChillWell 2.0 (if it’s still available) >> That’s a small price to pay to stay cool all summer long!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Other brands spend billions and billions on advertising. Guess who pays for that in the end? The customer! The ChillWell does very little advertising. They also don’t sell in any retail stores, it’s strictly online. This lets them keep the prices down as they don’t need to rent big store warehouses and have tons of staff.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

Ever since the pandemic started the founders of the ChillWell has vowed to keep it discounted for as long as possible. They simply believe that everyone that’s forced to work from home need to have a nice, cool environment to do it.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Everyone I’ve shown the ChillWell 2.0 agrees. This is a must have for anyone who wants to stay cool this summer. If you’re thinking of getting one – we strongly suggest that you do so before the discount runs out.. If you’re still on the fence about it, we just want to let you know that the ChillWell 2.0 comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So if you’re not sure, you can always buy one and just return it later if you don’t like it. The ChillWell 2.0 feels like a $500 product priced at $89.99 (with the exclusive 55% discount).

How Do I Get A Real ChillWell 2.0?

Get your ChillWell 2.0 from their official website here >>>


As of June 14, 2023 Ever since the ChillWell 2.0 was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a limited time, 55% discount.

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